YZone is safe space programme run during after-care at primary schools. We aim to create a ‘safe zone’ where children are assisted with homework, motivated to develop their education, confidence, leadership, and social skills. Additional Y-Zone activities include sports, arts & crafts, games, and life skills.


YZone is an afternoon programme that runs for one and a half hours, and is facilitated by trained volunteers. The activities covered during the programme vary according to the different grade levels of the participants – Grades R through 7 are represented. The topics covered include “Places, My Body, Weather, Sports and Music etc.)


  • To provide engaging education and entertainment for young learners who participate in the programme. While students may be assisted with homework, the programme often aims to provide fun-filled activities that carry educational benefits.
  • To provide an after-care service for children who stay on school premises after regular school hours.
  • To provide an environment in which children can interact with each other so as to develop the social skills that can benefit them throughout their lives.

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