The Economic Entrepreneurship Education Programme (TEEEP) aims to teach children basic economic principles and to inspire them to consider becoming entrepreneurs.


There are 3 units that run from Grade 5 to Grade 7 and each of them consists of 22 sessions.  TEEEP facilitators are trained each year to provide fun-filled economic lessons. The programme’s ongoing monitoring and evaluation enables YMCA to gauge its impact on young lives. Over 1000 kids have attended units 1 to 3 since TEEEP’s inception in 2015.


  • The programme seeks to encourage young learners to consider becoming entrepreneurs.
  • It seeks to introduce young learners to basic concepts that are relevant to economic activity –   including saving and investment – and to impart a general sense of how people participate in an economy.
  • It aims to prepare young learners to make productive, beneficial financial decisions when they reach adulthood by thinking about the implications of their financial actions from relatively early ages.

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