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We launched our very own “YMCA CT School of Leadership” at the beginning of 2018 – identifying a need to intensify efforts to get kids out of the cities – away from gangland trouble spots and economic deprivation to experience a different lifestyle. And in many cases, it’s the smallest thing on these camps that can trigger a child to work harder towards a brighter future where there is hope and opportunity.

School Camps

  • Offer children from both primary and high schools an opportunity to explore the outdoors and expose them to challenges – something our urban children don’t get to do very often these days.
  • The main aims of the programmes are to teach kids “Life Skills; Leadership; Motivation; Teamwork; Confidence Building; Healthy Minds and Bodies; Endurance and many more.
  • The camps we offer may run for 3 days; 5 days; overnight or at the school itself.
  • School Camps are run on weekdays; during term time; over weekends and in some instances, during holidays.
  • Various sites around the Peninsula are used to run the outdoor programmes.
  • Teachers accompany the pupils on the camps.
  • Great emphasis is placed on the safety of the campers.

Summer Camps

  • This is an on-going project of ours whereby we “adopt” 3 to 4 children homes to join us on a camp.
  • We select new homes every year so that other children can also have this opportunity.
  • Most of these kids have many challenges in their lives and we just want to allow them to experience a holiday with a difference.
  • 10 to 15 kids are selected from these homes to attend the camp.
  • We do a fundraising drive to cover the costs of sending the children on a camp.
  • Different sites are also chosen for our annual Summer Camp.

Our YMCA CT School of Leadership will be upping its game and become a bigger role player amongst the
schools and youth as we strive to make a positive difference in their lives.

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